This guide will assist you in planning the installation of remote starter and security systems. Working with the guide will allow retailer and customer to attain a greater level of understanding of each other’s requirements. The customer will get a better idea of the intricacies involved in the installation of aftermarket devices while the retailer will be allowed the opportunity to offer available custom models, options and accessories that might otherwise have been neglected.

The end result will be a more professional, effective and profitable sales experience resulting in a more knowledgeable and satisfied customer.

Alarm Starter REMOTES
Aftermarket Alarm RUN TIME
DOOR LOCKS Automatic Transmission
Power Door Locks Manual Transmission


Alarm Starter
The starter is combined with an Alarm.
The STARTER KILL is not included. The Alarm can be triggered by any of the following zones: Shock Sensors, Hood Pin or Door Pin and will sound either the Horn or the Siren – as per customer’s request.
*A Trunk pin can be added as further security. If the Alarm is set for PASSIVE mode (a must if the STARTER KILL option is added) the Alarm will arm itself 30 seconds after leaving the vehicle and closing its Doors.
*Note: The door locks will not LOCK when the Module passively arms so as to avoid any chance of leaving the keys inside the armed vehicle.
*A Light Emitting Diode (LED) is installed to show the status of the alarm (either ARMED or DISARMED).
*You have the choice between setting the arming and disarming “chirps” ON or OFF. If the “chirps” option is OFF, the Alarm will only be heard if it is triggered.

Aftermarket Alarm
If there is an Aftermarket Alarm installed in the vehicle, it must be bypassed during Remote Starts. The charge and/or time for this depend on the type of Alarm that needs to be bypassed.

OEM Alarm
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Alarms must be bypassed to allow Remote Starts. There is an additional charge for this.
*It should be noted that most OEM alarms will not work while the vehicle is remote started. This means that the Door Locks on the OEM Transmitters will not work during a Remote Start. It is recommended that the Door Locks option be added to the starter so that the customer only has to carry one Transmitter (the starter Transmitter). The same generally applies to the OEM TRUNK release.


OEM Anti Theft
Some vehicles have OEM Anti-theft systems that must be bypassed for Remote Starts. The most common type is a Transponder system, which means that there is “chip” inside the key that must be seen (in the IGNITION Barrel) by the onboard computer upon starting the vehicle. There are two ways of bypassing this.

The first method will work on any Transponder system, but the customer will lose a programmed key in order for the Remote Starter to “show” to the computer during Remote Starts.

The other system consists of a Module that learns and stores the code, and then shows that code during Remote Starts. The customer does not lose a key for the starter. This option requires that ALL valid keys be present at the time the Module is programmed (2 or 3).

Refer to the Bypass Chart to see if there is a specific Module for the vehicle.

*Chevrolet has a few different types of anti theft that are not Transponder-based. Refer to the Bypass Chart to see which Module is needed.


Power Door Locks
You can program the Transmitter to UNLOCK Doors if the vehicle is equipped with Electric Power Door Locks.
*Some vehicles do not have a switch to press (pulling or pushing the drivers Door-Lock Plunger makes all the Doors LOCK or UNLOCK). If that is the case, an aftermarket Door-Lock Actuator must be added to the driver’s Door.
**There is an important charge for this special case, but it is very rare to see a vehicle like this nowadays. You can ask the vehicle owner if there are “Door Locks Buttons” in the vehicle to see if this applies or not.
***When the Door Locks option is installed, the customer has the choice of Ignition Controlled Door Locks ON or OFF (there is no charge for this option).
Upon leaving the vehicle and removing the ignition key out of the Barrel, when the option is ON, the Power Door Locks will UNLOCK. When the customer is getting into the vehicle to drive away, the first time the Brake Pedal is pressed, the power Door Locks will LOCK.


This only applies to 1500 series (not 1400s). Horn Honk may be added (to simulate an OEM Alarm ARMING). The customer has a choice of the Horn Honking on the first press of the LOCK button, or the second press of the LOCK button (again, this simulates the different types of OEM Alarms).
*Included in the Horn Honk option is “Panic Mode”. Pressing the LOCK or UNLOCK button for more than 5 seconds will activate the Horn for 30 seconds.
*When the vehicle is started with the remote and the START button is pressed, the Horn will honk, acting like a remote vehicle finder.


A Transmitter can control up to 2 different vehicles (i.e. husband and wife can have one Transmitter that controls both vehicles, eliminating the need to carry 2 Transmitters at all times).
*To code an extra Transmitter to a vehicle, all Transmitters must be brought in at the time of programming.
*To program a Multi Car Transmitter, the Transmitter that is not programmed must be brought in with the vehicle for which it is going to be programmed.
*It is a good idea to have all Transmitters present when coding, as the Module will delete the “oldest” code from memory when a new one is added. It is therefore possible that after coding another Transmitter, one of the Transmitters that used to work will not respond anymore.
*Transmitters can only control certain Modules. For example, a 4-button Transmitter will not work on a 5-button Module. The Transmitters and the Modules must be the same for any of the above to work.


Antenna Range (ft) Model
SR-1 (regular) up to 900 1400, 6100 series
SH (long range) up to 1,500 1500 series
TW (long range with Two Way communication) up to 2,000 2500, 6000 series

*6100 series comes with the SR-1 antenna (SH upgrade option is available for an extra charge)

Extra Remotes
Any starter or Alarm can hold up to 4 different Transmitter codes, meaning that up to 4 different people can have a Transmitter that will control the starter (i.e. for large families or employees who share the same business vehicle).


There are 3 Remote Start Run Times settings possible: 4 min., 15 min. and 25 min. (These settings are extended for diesel vehicles: 9 min., 20 min. and 30 min.)

Lets you remote start your vehicle. Accessories such as Heating or Air Conditioning will work during Run Time, as per vehicle’s settings.

Aftermarket Starter Kill/ The Starter Kill option
If there is an Aftermarket Starter Kill on the vehicle it must be bypassed. There is usually no charge for this.
*We would like to mention here the starter kill option on the starter, as it can be added and the Aftermarket one can be removed, giving the customer both systems on one Transmitter. It is a lot easier to have your Starter kill on your remote starter (hitting the UNLOCK button on the Transmitter deactivates the Starter Kill).
**A LED is always installed with the Starter Kill option to show when it is ARMED or DISARMED.

Automatic Transmission
Reflects the vehicle’s transmission type.

Manual Transmission
Manual Transmission takes more time to install because of the Door pins and of the Parking Brakes that need to be connected to the Module. The user will also have to put the Vehicle into “Ready Mode” each time when exiting the vehicle so as to prevent an accidental start while the transmission is in gear.
The user applies the Parking Brake and then presses the UNLOCK button on the Transmitter. The user then removes the key from the IGNITION Barrel and exits the vehicle (the vehicle is still running at this point). Once the user exits the vehicle and closes all the doors, the user can then press the LOCK button to shut off the Engine. The vehicle is now in “Ready Mode” and can be Remote Started and stopped indefinitely, unless one of the doors or the hood is opened. To remain in “Ready Mode”, the Doors can only be opened once the vehicle is Remote Started.

There are 3 different types of Transmitters: 4-button Transmitters, 5-button Transmitters and 5-button Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Transmitters.
* 4-button Transmitters have LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, and START/ STOP buttons, which means that the Remote Start or Stop is done with the same button.
* 5-button Transmitters have LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, START and STOP buttons.
* 5-button LCD Transmitters have LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, START/ STOP and FUNCTION buttons (used for setting some options on the Transmitter). The LCD will indicate the status of the vehicle (i.e. if it’s running by Remote). When the Transmitter sends a request (i.e. LOCK) it will receive a confirmation once the function is completed.
The 1400 series starters are only available in 4-button Transmitters.
The 1500 series starters are available in 4 or 5-button Transmitters.
The 6100 series Alarm starter combos are available in 4 or 5-button Transmitters.
The 2500 Two-Way starters and 6000 TW Alarm starter combos are available in 5-button LCD Transmitters.

Power Trunk
The Transmitter can be programmed to Release the Trunk if the vehicle has an Electric Power Trunk.
*You cannot add this feature on a vehicle that only has a pull Lever to open the Trunk.
*Some vehicles have the Trunk Release button only on the OEM Transmitter and not in the vehicle. If that is the case, you are able to add this option.